We provide support in improving current product lines and in developing technical solutions for new applications. Our network of global partners and associates keeps us informed of new & upcoming technologies which in turn reflects in our offered range of products and solutions. Following are some of the key industry segments we service:


For high voltage rotating machines that suffer electrical and mechanical stress, wear out, overheat and corrode, we provide an extensive set of materials, equipment and expertise for structured maintenance to avoid costly downtime and reduce total cost of ownership. We maintain regular stock of all kinds of electrical insulating tapes, especially mica and resin impregnated tapes, speciality copper conductors, flexible and rigid laminates, coating and dipping varnishes and resins, including aerosol coating varnishes. We also regularly supply coils and winding kits from established OEM coil manufacturers for the complete refurbishment of large electrical motors and generators.

We are privileged to be associated with POSCO, Korea, through their major trading partner, TOPCO Global, Korea, and to be in a position to supply Grain Oriented Electrical Steel and Non-Grain Oriented Electrical Steel of globally acclaimed quality to the transformer and fan manufacturing industry in the country.

We represent the existing business of Principals that offer specialty raw materials for the design and manufacture of communications, data, and power cables. Our offered range of products includes mica tapes, cable insulating paper, aluminium adhesive tapes, metallised paper, crepe paper and copper wire rod.